Home-made Coleslaw

Let me start by saying, coleslaw is such a versatile side dish that everyone makes it differently according to how their grandmother taught them and blah blah. My grandmother didn’t teach me how to cook or any home secret recipes that I am about to share, I am just plain old Jane or rather plane old Madulo. I am self-taught. So with that out the way, let’s do this…. hehehehe

I will first refer to the recipe of the coleslaw I made with the open sandwich which is pretty simple.

  • White Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Honey and Mustard dressing
  • Flat Leaf Parsley

For the White Cabbage and Carrots you can easily grate them or if you want show-off make them into Julienne cuts. (Good luck, ain’t nobody got the time. Each to their own), then cut or tear the Flat Leaf Parsley add to the dish for some freshness and add any honey and mustard dressing of your choice. Really doesn’t matter as long as it floats your boat, or so they say. (Thought bubble pops up)

Next is the basic coleslaw that everyone does, the one you get at your deli in the supermarket or that really mushy one from KFC.

  • White Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Salad Dressing/Mayonnaise
  • Sugar (teaspoon)

Everyone has a variation of this. Either they don’t add sugar and add apples or raisins instead. I like the raisins really tasty it at least has natural sugar whereas adding sugar well we all know that’s  a lifetime on the hips right?! Whoever came up with that. SMH

Sometimes to add colour you can add Red Cabbage (someone tell me why its called red although it looks purple #screwface). Some people add croutons to give it a bit of crunch. Seriously this is one side dish or salad that you can do as you wish to and it never goes out of style.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Botshelong Meselane Ntshabele says:

    well i think its called red cabbage to not scare off consumers, i mean would you eat something called purple cabbage or red cabbage. lol the same applies to your red onions even though it does look more purple than red..


    1. Madulo says:

      Lmao… Fair enough. English Language hey.


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