Open Sandwich 

Most days before I even go to bed I have my next meal in mind. Ok, yes. I realise i think about food as much as I breathe!!! Lmao. Now that’s the honest truth.

But before I even think of what I will be eating for breakfast, nine times out of ten the meal is already available in the fridge actually, more times then not I can make breakfast from lastnights dinner and no it’s not stale I promise you. It’s fresh and definitely a new meal altogether with the least amount of effort. Now that’s how i like my food. Fast, easy and CHEAP!! Hahahaha

Since I’m trying this healthy thing I make sure breakfast fills me and doesn’t leave me hungry within a couple of hours. The only other thing that I should be eating before lunch is a healthy snack. Not an entire meal.

Now with that out of the way hello open sandwich. Me and sandwiches have a love hate relationship honestly, bread can be a nightmare in terms of carbs. But then its so cheap and easy to just make a sandwich. Pretty instant I think.

The ingredients in this open sandwich are easy to make and won’t take all morning. Making toasted bread I’m sure everyone knows how to toast bread, right?! I’m side eyeing you if you burn toast seriously. Hehehe. There’s a side of overnight coleslaw that I made for dinner. The bacon, egg and beef patty can be cooked in one pan. If you want to know how to make your own Beef Patty clink on the link and I’ll give you an easy recipe.

Firstly make sure the pan is hot but not too hot that it burns the beef patty straight away. I suggest a moderate heat so when you put your hand in the pan you can feel some heat. A tablespoon of olive oil and then place your beef patty. Let that cook on one side for about five minutes (depending on how thick your patty is). Once you turn it onto the other side you can then place your bacon and leave that for a minute or so, turn it and then crack your egg into your pan. I suggest after two minutes you can take all three out, if you like a rare egg yolk. Otherwise until the yolk is stable for well done egg.

Home-made Coleslaw is next. Click on the link to find out a variation of ways to do your coleslaw doesn’t have to be the traditional way. Once you’ve toasted your bread then time to stack ’em up. Egg, bacon, beef patty, coleslaw. I’m aware my picture isn’t in this particular order but hey who said things always have to make sense. Stack ’em how you would like.
And that folks is how you get an open sandwich. You are welcome…



  • Beef Patty (you can buy or make your own)
  • One Egg (Fried)
  • Ready made coleslaw
  • Bacon
  • Bread of your choice


3 Comments Add yours

  1. thabang thabo dima says:

    This is great stuff. Need to make me better sandwiches .looks yummy and I’m sure I can nail it.. Well maybe taste not appearance….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Botshelong Meselane Ntshabele says:

    wow, it does look quite and very simple to make


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