Unconventional Muffins

Breakfast the most important meal of the day,” say all parents. Well apparently so, I promise I’ve never heard those words exit my parent’s mouth. So many sayings and philosophies, who really keeps up?!? (lost in thought) 

Back to the topic in hand. These quick and easy, okay relatively quick meals. But definitely easy, unconventional muffins. There’s many varieties to these muffins and you can really add what you like. Mix it up a bit, have fun with it. I can’t say this is a recipe of my own but I have been inspired by one of my favourite cooks Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman. I absolutely love her show. Check it out on the Food Network.

I’m going to give the recipe that I’ve put up an image of. And I’m sure you’ll find other ways of making it suitable to your taste 

Unconventional Muffins:

  • Potato
  • Egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cheese
  • Tomato
  • Flat Leaf Parsley 


Boil a potato in it’s skin or if you prefer peel the potato, a medium sized potato should work. Once fully cooked, check with a fork as to how well it’s done in the middle, don’t overcook you know you’ve done that if the potato crumbles when you check it with a fork. Leave it in the fridge either overnight or for a couple of hours until it’s cool enough for you to actually hold it and not burn your fingers.

Once the potato has cooled down you can peel the skin with your fingers or if you’ve already peeled it previous to boiling get your grater out and grate the potato. Have it in a bowl and season with a teaspoon or salt and pepper. 

Set your oven to 180degrees

Get your muffin tins ready, grease them with butter or a cook and spray oil. Proceed to putting your potatoes that have been grated and seasoned into individual tins and pat down until almost flat and just enough to go over the egdes.

Crack an egg into one your little nests season again. Chop a tomato into bitesize chunks and grate cheese, cut up or tear pieces of your flat leaf parsely, and season too that salt and pepper… 

In the oven approximately 20minutes or until the egg is either rare, medium or well done. Everyone has a preference. 

This breakfast is a real crowd pleaser and you can mix em up. Add bacon, sausage, make it vegetarian have at it. My husband really enjoys this recipe, it’s one of his favourite breakfasts. Let’s hope he sees this recipe and attempts to do it too hehehe…

As you see someone was ready to blog about it himself. Served it with a side of vienna and french toast…



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