Berry Juice 

I have finally got my hands on a juicer and ohhh the things we shall do together. Hehehe excitement overload. This is literally going to be like the air I breathe. So keep checking maybe i have something that can tickle your fancy.

Simple ingredients for simple foods. Yes, yes my blueberries price was reduced (bargain lady, wink) I’ll always find ways of saving money. With Juicing it’s so easy you don’t even need me to be writing this. But because of my excitement I seriously had to share blow by blow details.

In went the strawberries 

Followed by the beets. I’m sure you noticed I had the already peeled and packaged beets, I recommend getting fresh beets that even still have the leaves on them. I couldn’t find them at the shop at the time so i substituted with the packaged ones.

Finally the blueberries. And the outcome well you’ll see

At the end I let it rest for a bit and tipped over the juicer just to get that last drop in. Before i poured it into my glass I added flaxseeds which are something I’ve come to love. They really don’t have any flavour so it won’t spoil the taste but adds some of that superfood start to it 

As long as you use ground flaxseed you should be good to go. And that was my accompaniment to my breakfast 




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