Stuffed Breast

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Its been a while since I posted anything, not to my liking of course and no, that does not mean I haven’t been eating just sometimes leftovers are the easiest and laziest thing. Comes in handy more often than not. I’ve been a bit unsure of this recipe but its one of the best meal I have ever tried (blows own horn), itll be worth it. Stuffed chicken breast with garlic and pesto, cheese, wrapped in bacon!

It’s actually an easier recipe than you may think and goes into the oven for less than minutes, I should call this a 30 minute meal. You wont be sweating in the kitchen for ages even the prep time doesn’t consume you. I decided to crush the garlic myself with the pestle and mortar it’s really the fragrance of the garlic in the kitchen that gets me EVERYTIME! I already smells like something delicious is cooking

Make sure the oven is on before doing anything else so its nice and warm once you put the food in the oven. Prepare the pan you will use and line it with foil, but it really is up to you to cover it or not. Crush the garlic until its more of a paste, you don’t have to oil your pan or anything the bacon really has enough oil for the chicken not to stick to the pan.

Line up your ingredients.

First lay out your bacon, I really think streaky bacon is the best to use for this chicken because it has a more solid covering so the chances of your bacon breaking when you wrap the chicken are pretty slim. I used back bacon because that’s what I had at the time which you can use if you prefer as well. Then place your chicken on top of the bacon itll be easier to wrap once you’ve filled in the chicken. Season with salt and black pepper, I used Jamie Olivers Szechuan pepper, has a bit of a kick to it. If you like a little bit more extra kick add a bit of some chilli flakes. Mix the crushed garlic with some butter and then put your pesto in the section of the chicken that easily comes open when you split it with your hands, you can use any pesto, shop bought or if you want to make your own that’s good too, fresh is always on point! Then grate your cheese and place it on the chicken any type of cheese is good too, I used mature cheddar its awesome when it just oozes out the chicken, YUM!

Wrap the chicken and in the oven it goes for the next 20 minutes. checking to make sure the bacon doesn’t become too crispy or your chicken too dry.

You can pair this chicken with many different things, potato mash, fries, veg the list is endless but I decided to have some couscous with broccoli.

Stuffed Chicken

  • Chicken Breast
  • Bacon
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cheese (Mature Cheddar) any of your liking
  • Pesto
  • 2 cloves of Garlic
  • Butter

Have an awesome Sunday ladies and gentlemen…







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  1. thabang thabo dima says:

    As I get ready to try and beat urs.. Here.. This looks good.. Can’t wait to try it.. Better yet just eat what u made


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